“MODALITÀ TRIO” - “DUET” | Umbria Jazz

Massimo Moriconi | Modalità Trio – Duet

Nico Gori, clarinetto
Massimo Moriconi, contrabbasso
Ellade Bandini, batteria

Emilia Zamuner, voce
Massimo Moriconi, contrabbasso

Fri, 17 September - hours 20:30
Ristorante Piazzetta

Massimo Moriconi | Modalità Trio – Duet

Two different formulas which focus on Massimo Moriconi, a character of great tradition in Italian jazz music and very active also in different contexts, such as his long-standing artistic collaboration with Mina. The “Modalità Trio” includes Nico Gori and Ellade Bandini. In “Duet”, Moriconi performs with singer Emilia Zamuner, winner of the competition named after Massimo Urbani. The voice-double bass formula is not very common and guarantees intriguing sound atmospheres.