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Francesco Bearzatti – Post Atomic Zep “Plays Led Zeppelin”

The music of Led Zeppelin like you’ve never heard or imagined it before. Only an overwhelming agitator of the Italian and European jazz scene like Francesco Bearzatti could get his hands on the songs of one of the greatest and most loved rock bands ever and obtain an original and immersive project. “Post Atomic Zep” is the title of the live project and the recently released album. It is a trio with Danilo Gallo on bass and electronics and Stefano Tamborrino on drums. Bearzatti had already recorded three “suite form” songs of Led Zeppelin in 2005.

“Completing an entire work on the ZEP and performing it on tour was something I’ve had it in mind for years and I’m happy to have succeeded. Using the distortion on the sax and feeling like Page and Plant at the same time has no equals for me since I grew up with this music. Through improvisation, I am able to reshape the repertoire of Led Zeppelin in complete freedom and the feeling of being a rock band is real thanks to wonderful musicians such as Gallo and Tamborrino.”

This project is undoubtedly brave and in line with the unbiased inspiration of a creative and unconventional artist.

  • Start: 10:30pm (CET)
  • Free entry
  • Mandatory Consumption

📞  +39 333 2250055
📍  Via del Vescovado, 7 – Terni