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Harmcore Jazz Band

The stage of the Piazza IV Novembre traditionally hosts big bands from all-grade schools, from university colleges to high schools. They mostly come from the States, but this year, there is a band from the United Kingdom and one from the Czech Republic.

This is a crucial section of music in the squares because these orchestras play good music in a dimension of cultured amateurism and tomorrow’s professional jazzmen grow among those sections.


Harmcore Jazz Band is a Prague-based swing jazz orchestra.

“From the wonderful times of the early 20th century, we carefully hand-pick only the greatest pieces, which are then interpreted exclusively in authentic manner, thereby imitating former masters with an incredible zeal and honest expression, helping us cover up (just as it did in the past) factual flaws of the elocution. Evaluated by more than three generations of listeners, this music still retains the ability to absolutely astonish and utterly usurp the attention of both laics and educated audiences.”

  • Piazza IV Novembre - ENEL GREEN POWER Stage
  • Start: 7pm (CET)
  • Free entry