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J.P. Bimeni & The Black Belts

A dramatic life event turns into great music: suffered, sincere, immersive. J. P. Bimeni is now one of London’s most beautiful soul voices. He performed at Jova Beach Party, the Porretta Soul Festival and on TV show Propaganda Live in Italy. He has been compared to many influential artists, such as Otis Redding (he has long been Bimeni’s icon) and Marvin Gaye.

His life was very tough, or rather tragic. Bimeni comes from Burundi and descends from the royal family. After the birth of the Republic, the small African country had a complicated life, between multiple coups and tribal wars. Bimeni himself was a victim of this and risked his life. He managed to come to Wales as a refugee and then moved to London. J. P. Bimeni’s story starts from here. It wasn’t easy at first, but then it became a proper career made of many steps forward and a few breaks. After playing with many bands, he met The Black Belts at a festival in Spain. They recorded “Free Me”, their international debut album. The record of the year, according to BBC.

  • Giardini Carducci - Conad Stage
  • Start: 5pm (CET)
  • Free entry