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Paolo Conte

Over the years, Umbria Jazz has dedicated great attention to songwriting and its artists, but it has reserved a special place for Conte. Because jazz, for  Paolo Conte, is an essential part of his musical career, which he began as a jazz pianist and vibraphonist. Because a culture, a mood (and a form) of jazz can be clearly heard in many of his songs. And above all, because there is that unmistakable existential scent of jazz, that aftertaste of melancholic evocation that represents its most authentic and profound soul. And shall we also add that Paolo Conte wrote that sort of manifesto that recounts the variegated microcosm that pulses under the stars of jazz? What is certain is that Paolo Conte’s concerts have never betrayed the expectations of those who know that, in his hands, songs can become poetic sketches enclosed in a fine musical shell.

  • Doors: 7 pm
  • Restaurant Stage: 7:30 pm
  • Main Stage: 9:00 pm

This ticket includes access to the Restaurant Stage.

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