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Play Petrucciani

“Play Petrucciani”
with Chano Domínguez, Flavio Boltro, Martín Leiton, Michael Olivera

special guest Stefano Di Battista

A tribute to one of the most loved and admired jazz musicians of the 20th century. We really miss Michel Petrucciani, who died on January 6, 1999, at 37. We miss the bright sound of his piano, his French charm merged with the impeccable jazz accent, the spontaneity of those tumultuous – but never long-winded – journeys on the keyboard, and his innate and instinctive musicality. Play Petrucciani is the celebration of an artist and his music, representing one of Europe’s major contributions to jazz history.

The band in charge of this tribute is European or almost all. Chano Domínguez, a New Yorker by adoption, was born in Cádiz, on the Andalusian sea. Nobody like him and better than him has worked on the integration between jazz and flamenco. Domínguez has managed to create a personal and original identity where these two worlds – they have many things in common – find points of agreement and debate. On this forty-year journey, Domínguez has shared the road with leading figures of Spanish and jazz music. Flavio Boltro and Stefano Di Battista, two artists well-known to the Italian public, will perform with Domínguez. They have frequently played together, especially in France, and they were lucky enough to play with Petrucciani. Spanish double bass player Martín Leiton and drummer Michael Olivera complete the quintet. Olivera is a Cuban musician working in Madrid, also as a bandleader, composer and producer.

  • Box Office: 4 pm
  • Doors: 4:15 pm
  • Start: 5 pm

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