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Stefano Bollani “Piano Solo”

Piano Solo is a journey through the piano keys that is renewed every night. Stefano Bollani’s music knows no boundaries, retracts all music genres and feeds on all those magical moments with tremendous artists the pianist has met on stages worldwide. When Bollani goes on stage with his Piano Solo, there is only one rule: he pays tribute to the art of improvisation thanks to the ever-new combination of all the musical notes put together in these twenty years of Jam sessions. Every time with a different result, yet always incredible.

Anything can happen in Stefano Bollani’s one-man show. There is no songlist, no program to indicate the succession of songs. Spectators take their seats in a hall, but they are called to travel with their minds to unexpected places and to look at ever-new musical horizons.

A sort of creative lab staged by following the stream of musical consciousness ranging from jazz to Brazil sounds, to Carosone and the unreleased tracks of the new album “Blooming” coming out next Spring. Some of them have been revealed by the Maestro during Bollani and Valentina Cenni’s cult TV show “Via dei Matti numero Zero, acclaimed by audiences and critics. Only one thing is for sure: the unpredictable medley decided by the audience in which virtuosity mixes with irreverence.

PH Credits Azzurra Primavera

  • Doors: 7 pm
  • Restaurant Stage: 7:30 pm
  • Main Stage: 9 pm

This ticket includes:

•  the Restaurant Stage concert
•  Kyle Eastwood – “Eastwood Symphonic” w/ Umbria Jazz Orchestra concert

Tickets available from March 18 (10 am CEST)

from € 40,25 presale not included

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