22 January 2020, 10:24

Stefano Bollani and SFJ Collective at Umbria Jazz 20 on Friday, July 17

Tickets for July 11,16 and 17 available from Thursday, January 23
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Stefano Bollani returns to Umbria Jazz with the solo piano formula, one of the most suggestive of the many he has created in his intense career. The piano solo, says Bollani, “is like building a bridge and, at the same time, passing over it. It is a matter of trying to translate the present moment into sound, so that it goes directly to your heart without necessarily passing through the judgment of your head “.

To say that Stefano Bollani is an eclectic musician is an understatement, as is classifying him simply as a musician because, scrolling through the main features of his musical career, we must also add that he has written books, conducted radio (with David Riondino) and television (with Renzo Arbore) broadcasts and worked in the theatre (with, among others, Claudio Bisio, Maurizio Crozza, Lella Costa, Valentina Cenni).

The San Francisco Jazz Collective is a “democratic” ensemble, meaning without a leader, composed of eight contemporary jazz stars who generally rotate in the Californian area (but not only there). The band is a direct expression of San Francisco Jazz, one of the major American institutions which works, not for profit, to promote and support African American music through various initiatives, from live events to records as well as conferences, seminars, research. SFJazz explores the entire spectrum of jazz, from its origins in the African American community to the various modern evolutions at an international level: jazz as a living art form, built on a tradition that is constantly evolving. Umbria Jazz has entered into a collaboration with this institution that brings the San Francisco Jazz Collective to Perugia this year and some of the most important Italian jazzmen (Rava, Fresu, Bollani, Bosso, Rea) to San Francisco in November.

From tomorrow Thursday, January 23, tickets will be available in advance for the concerts on July 11, 16 and 17 at the Arena Santa Giuliana.

For all evenings open gates at 7 pm, from 7.30 pm Andrea Pozza, piano at the Restaurant Stage, concerts start at 9 pm.