L'atteso ritorno di Umbria Jazz Winter | Umbria Jazz

The Winter Festival we all want

Orvieto is once again the winter showcase of Umbria with a mix of culture, entertainment, sociality, and tourism, which represents a core element of the regional identity.

Umbria Jazz Winter #28 | Full program

Tickets: November 4 | 16:00 (CEST)

Umbria Jazz Winter #27 (2019-2020) was the last edition of Umbria Jazz to be held in a “normal” way, without cancellations, resizing, and restrictions imposed by the pandemic.

Umbria Jazz Winter #28 is the first edition with the usual formula, without social distancing and limited capacity. Normal life stopped in Orvieto. Normal life will resume from Orvieto.

Umbria Jazz Winter gives the public fifty events in a 5-day festival, late morning to late nights. Seventeen groups, most of them are resident bands, for more than 80 musicians performing. Concerts will take place in the usual venues: from Teatro Mancinelli to Palazzo del Capitano del Popolo (Sala Expo), from Museo Emilio Greco to Palazzo dei Sette. In addition, the Festival includes Jazz Lunches and Jazz Dinners and two New Year’s Eve dinners to the rhythm of jazz.

The program is obviously up to the Festival tradition for quality, with unique events and artists at the top of the international jazz scene. Fondazione Umbria Jazz and the Institutions did their utmost to make a Festival that is worthy of recovery. Orvieto is once again the winter showcase of Umbria with a mix of culture, entertainment, sociality, and tourism, which represents a core element of the regional identity.



First of all, the program includes a significant event: the new project by Bill Frisell, one of the most innovative artists of the contemporary scene, together with the Umbria Jazz Orchestra. The project is an exclusive production of Umbria Jazz. Frisell will also give a solo performance.

Speaking of guitar, we will listen to Lionel Loueke paying tribute to the man Loueke himself calls his mentor, Herbie Hancock. Then, great Brazilian guitarist Romero Lubambo plays in the trio of elegant singer and pianist Sarah McKenzie, with Brazilian cello virtuoso Jaques Morelenbaum. Three artists whose binding element is an elegant approach to music.


The song form declined as vocality and in the instrumental translation is the fil rouge. Sophisticated singer Allan Harris, together with his band and his latest album, pays tribute to Harlem in the ‘50s and ‘60s, even through family memories.

There is a family atmosphere with the quintet of Giovanni Tommaso and his daughter Jasmine, who made her name as a vocalist in the Californian music scene.

Songs will also be performed by duo Luca Aquino and Giovanni Guidi. The latter says: “We wanted to play great and simple melodies, and make them ours: that is how the duo is born, naturally and sincerely”.

Lastly, a polite entertainer and reliable musician: Nick The Nightfly, together with his quintet, presents a long musical journey from the hits of the golden age of jazz to the songs of Sting.


George Cables is a jazz living legend: a hard bopper with a great tradition and a direct witness (he was there!) of some of the greatest jazz bands. He will perform in Orvieto with his trio (with saxophonist Piero Odorici as a special guest) and the suggestive formula of the piano duo. His partner is Sullivan Fortner, considerably younger than him, one of the successful thirty-year-olds of the current jazz scene. Fortner will also give some piano solo performances.


What about the great Italian jazz?

Al Gir dal Bughi” is the project’s name which brings together Dino Piana and Enrico Rava for a tribute to the trombonist who has been one of the founding fathers of modern jazz in Italy.

An important part of the program is reserved for Francesco Bearzatti, performing with two bands: the Tinissima Quartet will present its latest album, “Zorro”; an utterly different quartet that revisits the music of the great but under-rated Tony Scott.


Black music is always present at Umbria Jazz. The Antony Paul Soul Orchestra is a band formed to keep alive the soul that people used to play. Great idea, since that music remains unique and has inspired the younger generations.


Natale in Jazz” is the event organized by Società Aquilana dei Concerti “B. Barattelli”. It will take place in L’Aquila, in collaboration with Umbria Jazz. Some of the artists attending the Festival in Orvieto will perform at this event from December 28 to 30: Giovanni Guidi, Bill Frisell & Umbria Jazz Orchestra, Francesco Bearzatti Tinissima Quartet.