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Umbria Jazz to save the planet

WAKE UP !!  Music will save the planet !!   Umbria Jazz 2019


2023 goal: the commitment of Umbria Jazz to save the planet.


Umbria Jazz calls on the world of music, on its own public and on all those who wish to adhere, to stand with those contributing to the fight against climate change, against the pollution of the biosphere and to promote, instead, total environmental and social sustainability of the planet. We want to be at the side of every intelligent action, of every peaceful mobilisation that encourages politics and the economy to make definite decisions in this direction. Everyone needs to do something to defend the planet from the very serious risks that are looming, to persuade the world to enter a new era of sustainability!

Environmental protection will be the theme that will accompany Umbria Jazz towards the 2023 edition which will mark our half century of life.
For this reason, the “General of music”, protagonist of the UJ19 poster, will guide us in the undertaking of small daily actions and good practices that we all can and must adopt in the fight to save the planet. And not only this. We also want to launch, within the Festival and with our public, a green challenge and a space for reflection and awareness. We want to pursue the goal of Zero plastic in the Festival, the goal of providing renewable energy sources, the goal of digitalisation of the various activities. To the rhythm of jazz!

So ... wake up!!!! music will save the planet !!

  • Crockery and cutlery in biodegradable and compostable material (Mater-Bi type) at the refreshment points of the Festival.


  • Substitution in the Arena Santa Giuliana of plastic beer beakers with returnable glasses (20,000 units purchased from Amico Bicchiere) or with biodegradable beakers.


  • Installation of two water distribution stations (one paid, the other free) located respectively in the town centre and at the Arena Santa Giuliana


  • The staff and artists of the Festival (1,500 people) will be provided with aluminium water bottles.
  • Differentiated waste collection in all the refreshment areas of the Festival sustained by Gesenu in the Arena Santa Giuliana Arena to raise public awareness.
3 -Materiale di Comunicazione
  • Tutto il materiale di comunicazione del Festival sarà stampato su carta certificata PFC.
  • The workshops in the children’s areas located in Piazza Italia and at the Arena Santa Giuliana will have a green soul:

Children on the attack to recycle silent boredom in sonorous joy: this summer they will play with clean air by making seed bombs to discover that music has a green heart.

They will play with robotic garbage-collecting fish to clean the sea of enemy plastic and will stimulate their creativity to invent new 3D marine inhabitants!

  • Specific contribution will be given by the cloister of San Fiorenzo in Via della Viola, a permanent venue for the 10 days of the Festival. The “UJ 4 KIDS” area will be populated daily by a very young public, especially in the morning, with all the activities dedicated to them, in collaboration with Greenpeace and Legambiente.

During UJ there will be two meetings in the cloister for green informative purposes; one will be held on the morning of July 20, specifically for children, the other on the afternoon of July 15, aimed at a mixed audience;

  • ERG, partner of UJ since 2016, adheres to the Umbria Jazz appeal for the fight against climate change with a specific contribution regarding energy transition and the transformations of the energy sector. In relation to the activities programmed by the Green Festival 2023 project, in the coming years ERG, the leading producer of electricity from renewable sources, will launch new forms of collaboration with UJ: in particular, by 2023 the Festival will be sustained, up to complete cover of the consumption, by “green” and “zero km” electricity in relation to the presence of hydroelectric plants in Umbria.
  • The Pop Move service, the first car sharing service in Perugia with a vast fleet of electric cars, will be available to the public this year during the Festival, with a stand in Piazza Italia.
Arpa Umbria and the digital magazine Micron will develop a structured programme of actions during Umbria Jazz:

  • A web portal (with banner on the Festival website) dedicated to sustainable development themes.
  • Every day, starting from July 9, articles, videos, infographics, podcasts dedicated to a single goal of the 2030 Agenda will be published.
  • It will be possible to consult fact sheets and short films on how to transform our lifestyle by making it more sustainable and efficient.
  • It will be possible to consult fact sheets and short films on how to transform our lifestyle by making it more sustainable and efficient.
  • Within the Arena Santa Giuliana, a corner will be set up with a daily target based on the 17 goals of the 2030 Agenda.

Furthermore, in this corner we shall try, through our guests (artists and others), to make small social videos to raise awareness on environmental issues among the public on internet.

  • Along Via della Viola the 17 goals of the 2030 Agenda will be posted.
  • In the shops on Corso Vannucci, panels will be set up in the shop windows with phrases and thoughts of scientists, portrayed as musicians, and environmentalists.

Umbria Jazz supports the campaign promoted by REGUSTO in collaboration with Confcommercio Perugia, aimed at preventing and reducing food waste during the Festival. Through the agreement with FEDERALBERGHI and FIPE Umbria, the REGUSTO app will allow you to purchase last-minute takeaway offers of surplus food, at discounted prices, in many bars, restaurants and hotels in the centre of Perugia. Furthermore 500 REGUSTO Bags, eco-sustainable food containers, will be available in the bars and restaurants of Perugia thanks to the pilot project against food waste promoted by the University of Perugia, i-REXFO, funded by the EU initiative for the environment, «Life». The REGUSTO Bags will also be in the Arena Santa Giuliana, venue symbol of the Festival.


Umbria Jazz will place tableaux in the Festival venues (Teatro Morlacchi, Sala Podiani and Arena Santa Giuliana) for the signatures of all the artists who wish to adhere to the appeal of Umbria Jazz for mobilisation for the defence of the Planet.

These are the concrete actions that have been possible for us to realise in the 2019 edition of the Festival.

In the coming years these will be consolidated and expanded before the deadline of the 50th anniversary of Umbria Jazz.

The «Forum of ideas for fighting climate change» will also be established, and further goals for «Plastic zero» will be reached in the Festival, including the packaging sector, the complete digitalisation of the Festival’s activities and the complete use of renewable energy.