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April 30, 2021: The International Jazz Day with Franco D’Andrea.


Umbria Jazz, Radio Monte Carlo and Blue Note Milano celebrate The International Jazz Day with Franco D’Andrea

The International Jazz Day is celebrated worldwide on April 30, reaching its 10th edition this year.

From the collaboration between Umbria Jazz, Radio Monte Carlo, the official radio station of the Festival, and Blue Note Milano, came the idea of dedicating the day to Franco D’Andrea and of giving him carte blanche in terms of music.

D’Andrea has just turned 80 and is now considered one of the best pianists of our time. He represents the excellence that Italian jazz music has been able to create over the last 50 years.

On this totally exceptional and original occasion, on the stage of the Blue Note Milano, Franco D’Andrea will play first in trio with Enrico Terragnoli on guitar and Mirko Cisilino on trumpet, then in duo with DJ Rocca, and lastly, he will perform a piano solo. This is “Carta Bianca a Franco D’Andrea”.

Moreover, musicians and professionals who over the years have shared his extraordinary artistic career will participate as guests.

The event is scheduled for April 30 at 18:00 (CEST) on the official Facebook page of Umbria Jazz, Radio Monte Carlo, and Blue Note Milano, and on the official YouTube channel of Umbria Jazz.

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