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Do you want to follow the festival as a journalist? Do you want to tell the #ujexperience?

To request accreditation for any of our festivals Umbria Jazz (Umbria Jazz, Umbria Jazz Weekend, Umbria Jazz Winter), as well as for press conferences or events organized by Fondazione di Partecipazione Umbria Jazz including media accreditation, please fill in the form below.

Media accreditation Umbria Jazz 2024

Please request your accreditation for Umbria Jazz  (Perugia – July 12 -21, 2024) by filling in the form below no lather than June 28, 2024.
Instructions to collect your badge and the link to download the official press kit will be sent.

  • Accreditation requests will be examined individually and must be submitted for each single Festival. Acceptance or rejection of the single accreditations is at the discretion of the Umbria Jazz press office
  • Media accreditation will be granted only to professional journalists and contributors holding a valid Order of Journalists’ badge
  • Accreditation requested will be accepted only for no. 1 photographer per newspaper
  • One TV operator for each local TV station will be permitted
  • Accreditation requests submitted after the deadline will not be accepted
  • Press badges are personal, non-transferable and can be collected at the press office
  • Access is allowed only with seat assignment until availability – Photographers and video operator will not be entitled to a seat
  • The media accreditation follows the directives of the right to report
  • Umbria Jazz reserves the right to restrict and/or prevent entrance to operators and photographers if deemed appropriate for the smooth running of the concerts and in compliance with the artists on stage
  • Together with the accreditation, a consent form including legal terms must be signed

    The Accreditation allows:

    • Access to the press room
    • Press conferences only with seat assignment
    • Concerts only with seat assignment until availability. Photographers and video operator will not be entitled to a seat
    Photo and video materials can be used only for information purposes. Any commerical use and/or publishing on private and personal social media channels of individual journalists is not permitted.