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Conad Jazz Contest

Umbria Jazz and Conad are scouting new talents

The project

Conad and Fondazione di Partecipazione Umbria Jazz are long-time partners bound by the passion for jazz music and team up for the Conad Jazz Contest, open to young solo artists or bands from 18 to 28 years old.

A successful formula in all the past editions. Promoting culture as a shared heritage by sponsoring projects promoted by third parties and creating initiatives independently and directly is part of Conad’s practical strategy for sustainability called “Sosteniamo il futuro” based on three aspects: environment and resources, people and community, businesses and territory. President of Fondazione Umbria Jazz Gian Luca Laurenzi stresses how “jazz in Italy always means Umbria Jazz.

Hosting emerging artists on our stages is an important message for musicians and all music lovers. We are excited to listen to new jazz generations and support them in the early stages of their careers”..

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