Umbria Jazz Weekend
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Saying goodbye to summer never felt so good. A weekend in the heart of Terni to experience together the energy in the name of great music. From clubs to the Roman Amphitheatre, from the streets of the city center to the Marmore Falls: a 4-day festival full of must-see events.


One ticket to attend all the concerts of the Jazz Club Perugia’s new season!

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One ticket to attend all the concerts at Anfiteatro Romano, main stage of Umbria Jazz Weekend. Hurry up, 4-day tickets are running out!

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Around the festival

The charm of the Roman Amphitheatre

The main stage of Umbria Jazz Weekend is an inspiring venue with a rich history: discover the magic of the Roman Amphitheatre of Terni!

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Live again the exciting experience of the past editions

Watch all the videos from the latest editions and experience Umbria Jazz Weekend!

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