Be part of the great history of Umbria Jazz!
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Be part of the great history of Umbria Jazz!

The culture, the territory, the environment. All the activities of Umbria Jazz are projected to promote the culture while protecting the environment with a focused approach on the Umbria region, the homeland of UJ, while also looking to international horizons.

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Support the Fondazione Umbria Jazz and write with us the future of this music miracle born in 1973.

Few festivals in the world have had the impact that Umbria Jazz has had on a nation’s musical, social and cultural history. When it first took place in 1973, it was an experiment born out of a desire to blend the passion for jazz and music with the need to show the world a stunning region full of hidden treasures and breathtaking landscapes. Quickly Umbria Jazz became a kind of Italian Woodstock where jazz music was the leading actor, and the spotlight was on the big names who populated the stages of a free festival.

Umbria Jazz is today a reference in the international music scene thanks to its fluid ability to succeed in bringing together different kinds of shows that range from the purest jazz to projects related to a broad spectrum of music genres. All thanks to a formula that allows UJ to hold together the different souls of the Festival. Be part of this wonderful story, supporting hundreds of people’s work that brings all Umbria Jazz events to life by continuing to pursue an ever-growing dream. TAX CODE: 03089270544 IBAN: IT29Y0200803027000401195966

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