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BLINDFOLD TEST by Ashley Kahn: Fabrizio Bosso

BLINDFOLD TEST by Ashley Kahn: Fabrizio Bosso
in collaboration with Downbeat

Music critic and journalist Ashley Kahn – one of the greatest writers of contemporary jazz literature – will subject Fabrizio Bosso to a Blindfold Test. The test will take place on Thursday, July 18, at 10 am at the Sala dei Notari (free admission), and it’s an Italian exclusive, as all the blindfold tests taking place in Italy.

Leonard Feather invented these tests for the historic magazine DownBeat more than sixty years ago.

A musician listens to songs and has to guess the author. In any case, the test is an exchange of views that often results in an in-depth analysis of music and the artist. It’s not a sort of TV quiz show but a reasoned examination of a musician, a genre, a song.

The Blindfold Test is an exciting opportunity for knowledge for jazz lovers, also for the level of the interviewer and the artist involved.

  • Sala dei Notari
  • Palazzo dei Priori
  • Start: 10am
  • Free entry