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Gianluca Petrella – Pasquale Mirra

Trombone (Gianluca Petrella) and vibraphone and percussions (Pasquale Mirra): these acoustic instruments are highly suggestive individually and, even more so, in their diversity, if combined with the duo formula. Moreover, Petrella and Mirra are masters of electronic music in which they make wise digressions.

The two musicians are long-time collaborators, both as a duo (they performed with this project at the Galleria Nazionale dell’Umbria during Umbria Jazz 18) and in more complex groups such as Correspondence, recorded for Tǔk Music.

This unusual duo becomes original for combining harmony and rhythm, improvisation and writing in a timbrically rich electro-acoustic microcosm that always keeps its balance. This balance is made possible by their agreement and their shared curiosity to experiment with original paths. Petrella and Mirra are two innovators who are always surprising. Their respective careers and the collaborations with some of the most creative artists of the contemporary scene prove it.

  • Galleria Nazionale dell'Umbria
  • Sala Podiani
  • Start: 12pm

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