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Utah State University Jazz Band

The stage of the Piazza IV Novembre traditionally hosts big bands from all-grade schools, from university colleges to high schools. They mostly come from the States, but this year, there are two bands from the Netherlands.

This is a crucial section of music in the squares because these orchestras play good music in a dimension of cultured amateurism and tomorrow’s professional jazzmen grow among those sections. Here are the orchestras of UJ24:

  • Utah State University Jazz Band (Logan, Utah);
  • University of Montana Jazz Band (Missoula, Montana);
  • Utrecht Student Bigband (Utrecht, Netherlands);
  • John Hersey Jazz Band (Arlington Heights, Illinois);
  • University of Delaware Jazz Band (Newark, Delaware);
  • Jazz School Studio Band (Berkeley, California);
  • Kansas University Jazz Band (Lawrence, Kansas);
  • Antares Flare (Rotterdam, Netherlands).
  • Piazza IV Novembre
  • Free Outdoor Concert
  • Start: 7pm