Medicine and music: therapy for body and soul | Umbria Jazz
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Medicine and music: therapy for body and soul


A very unusual concert will open Umbria Jazz 21 (Thursday 7th July, 9.30 pm at Barton Park). Orchestra Asclepio is a big band from Veneto (and from other Italian regions) composed of healthcare workers: professionals who work everyday in healthcare facilities and are united by their great love for music. The orchestra was formed at Christmas 2012 in Padua for a concert for patients which took place at the hospital.

The opening concert for Umbria Jazz is a tribute and a thank you from the Festival to the people who have taken care of the Country with dedication and professionalism throughout these many long months of pandemic. After all, music is a therapy too, a sort of vaccine for the soul.

In addition to Orchestra Asclepio, conducted by Alois Saller (plus some musicians/healthcare workers from Umbria), the jazz big band from the University of Padua, conducted by Ludovico Rinco, will perform on the stage of Barton Park.