Christian Sands' trio at the Perugia Jazz Club on 4 November | Umbria Jazz
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Christian Sands’ trio at the Perugia Jazz Club on 4 November

Second date at the Jazz Club Perugia with the Christian Sands trio on $ November
Pianist, composer, and bandleader Christian Sands is one of the protagonists of the contemporary jazz scene. Wynton Marsalis has called him “a jazz star of the future”. He’s young (31 years old), but he has already made his name as one of the talented artists of his generation. A pianist with an impeccable technique and elegant phrasing, which owes nothing to virtuosity just for the sake of it, Christian Sands has become famous on the jazz scene as a pianist of the big band and the Christian McBride Trio, who has been his mentor, together with an “éminence grise” like Billy Taylor. On records, Sands has been active since the early 2000s with a few releases to his name, and he has been recording for Mack Avenue since 2017. “Be Water” is the name of his latest work as a leader. The name was inspired by a quote from martial arts legend Bruce Lee. This ambitious record shows Sands’ ability to build well-structured products by following a conceptual thread that is not a mere assembly of songs. The “thread”, in this case, is the water that combines tranquillity, power, fluency. Among his participation in other people’s projects: an album by Ben Williams, bass player in Pat Metheny’s Unity Band, and collaborations with Gregory Porter and Ulysses Owens. At his age, the pianist from New Haven has found his precise place in the contemporary jazz scene. His musical culture and knowledge of jazz history allow him to maintain a solid bond with the roots; at the same time, Sands is an artist who is focused on the future and is convinced that jazz cannot linger on the patterns of the past.