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Paolo Fresu Devil Quartet

The Devil Quartet – a new album is expected to be released soon – was conceived by Fresu to develop an idea of a quartet, in a different and dialectical way, that grew out of his earlier “electric” Angel Quartet, which enjoyed great success across Europe. The Devil Quartet includes Bebo Ferra on guitar, Paolino Della Porta on bass and Stefano Bagnoli on drums. They are all great players in their own right, but as always happens when jazz is played well, the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. Fresu’s skillful direction governs a kind of music that he defines as “melangé”, which is the result of crossing different styles and languages, which is open and curious. Fresu’s music – live and in records – is full of different moods: it is varied but logical in its entirely acoustic warm atmosphere. There are no special effects in his music. The Devil Quartet formula seems to receive signals and influences, is open, curious and constantly evolving despite the unflappable calm. Everyone contributes to this game of balance and true synergy, so much that it’s hard to imagine even a partially different lineup.


Paolo Fresu Devil Quartet

  • Paolo Fresu, trumpet, flugelhorn, effects
  • Bebo Ferra, guitar
  • Paolino Dalla Porta, doublebass
  • Stefano Bagnoli, drums
  • Box Office: 8:30pm
  • Doors: 9pm
  • Start: 9:30pm

from € 18 presale included

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