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Sticky Bones

The mission of the Italian group Sticky Bones is to recreate a black and white image of the roots of American music when jazz was still in its infancy and its forms were still archaic. This band recalls an essential historical time that deserves to be better known since it maintains an enviable freshness.

Sticky Bones first appeared at Umbria Jazz in 2016, where it previously performed as a street band.

This acoustic lineup is flexible and changes according to the situation. What remains constant is its spirit, celebrating the musical roots that would define its century and influence all genres – intellectual and popular – worldwide. This music has multiple names: early jazz, classic blues, American roots, hokum songs, barrelhouse, stomps, stride, boogie-woogie, and vaudeville.

Sticky Bones takes inspiration from these styles that define the band. Its sound is “dirty” and harsh, the same one that people could hear late at night in the barrelhouses, the brothels, the juke joints, and vaudeville shows in the 20s and 30s. Its latest album, “Goofer Dust Swing – The Barrelhouse Songs”, represents a great work, as well as their latest album, “Whoop it up!”, which ranges from King Oliver to Clarence Williams and Fats Waller.

  • Terrazza del Mercato Coperto
  • Free entry
  • Start: 10pm

Terrazza Swing

📍 Terrazza del Mercato Coperto
➡️  Access from Piazza Matteotti