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The Swingers Orchestra “Tribute to Benny Goodman & Artie Shaw”

The Swingers Orchestra, composed of a prestigious octet including musicians who performed in the former RAI Orchestra of Milan (Emilio Soana, Paolo Barbieri e Rudy Migliardi), plays the classics of Goodman and Shaw and accompanies two clarinet masters, Paolo Tomelleri and Bepi D’Amato, who is one of the very few Italian musicians to have performed solo at Carnegie Hall (Isaac Stern Auditorium) in New York.

During a great economic crisis, Benny Goodman and Artie Shaw were among the most celebrated musicians of the Swing Era. Dance halls were crowded with young people who bought tickets with great sacrifice as a distraction from the difficult times that led to World War II.

Both Goodman and Shaw were known for their ensembles composed of black and white musicians at a time when integration was impossible. Billy Holiday was Shaw’s regular singer; Goodman played with Lionel Hampton and Teddy Wilson for years.


The Swingers Orchestra
“Tribute to Benny Goodman & Artie Shaw”

Paolo Tomelleri, clarinet
Bepi D’Amato, clarinet
Paolo Barbieri, tenor sax
Giulio Visibelli, alto sax
Emilio Soana, trumpet
Rudy Migliardi, trombone
Stefano Caniato, piano
Enrico Lazzarini, double bass
Claudio Bonora, drums
Delio Barone, guitar

  • Piazza Europa - Enel Green Power Stage
  • Start: 9pm (CET)
  • Free entry