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University of New Hampshire Jazz Band

The stage of the Piazza IV Novembre traditionally hosts big bands from all-grade schools, from university colleges to high schools. They mostly come from the States, but this year, there is a band from the United Kingdom and one from the Czech Republic.

This is a crucial section of music in the squares because these orchestras play good music in a dimension of cultured amateurism and tomorrow’s professional jazzmen grow among those sections.


In the fall of 1972, David Seiler was hired and the University of New Hampshire Jazz Band became an official ensemble of the university.

Under the direction of David Seiler, the UNH Jazz Band quickly became a proficient ensemble with high quality performers. The number of musicians in the jazz program grew so much that tin 1975 it was necessary to add a second jazz band. The new band was titled the Bratton Hall Jazz Band, named after the recital hall in which they rehearsed.

Both jazz bands have traveled extensively, performing at evening concerts and daytime performance clinics. The goal of the jazz program is fulfilled by both jazz bands as they continue to strive to produce great music and to improve the lives of the students at UNH and members of the surrounding communities.

  • Piazza IV Novembre - ENEL GREEN POWER Stage
  • Start: 7pm (CET)
  • Free entry