UJ: the program of July 12th at the Arena Santa Giuliana | Umbria Jazz
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UJ: the program of July 12th at the Arena Santa Giuliana


The Arena Santa Giuliana program is finalized. On July 12th, don’t miss a double set: the Richard Galliano New York Tango Trio and the concert by Vinicio Capossela in memory of Sergio Piazzoli.



Richard Galliano has changed the course of accordion history. We can talk about before and after Galliano”. Many will probably agree with the exhaustive opinion of Yasuhiro Kobayashi, accordionist and musician accompanist of the singer Björk.

French accordion virtuoso Richard Galliano is beloved by the Italian audience and one of the family at Umbria Jazz. Galliano is also the only accordionist who records for the prestigious classical music record label Deutsche Grammophon (“Bach”, “Mozart”, “Vivaldi”, “Nino Rota”). His technical mastery and “orchestral” vision of the accordion have moved forward the limitations of this instrument, making it “a Steinway with braces”, as he likes to say.

Galliano has recorded more than 50 albums under his name and collaborated with an impressive number of prestigious artists and musicians of many different genres: Chet Baker, Ron Carter, Wynton Marsalis, Charlie Haden, Gary Burton, Michel Portal, Kurt Elling, Serge Reggiani, Claude Nougaro, Juliette Gréco, Charles Aznavour, Serge Gainsbourg, Nigel Kennedy. Galliano is a great expert in Argentine tango and French new musette. He has had the merit of making the accordion a key instrument in jazz and classical repertoire. He can range through the most diverse genres while remaining himself, with that unique “French touch” made of elegance, natural musicality and sentiment that always captivates audiences worldwide. 

His current projects include accordion solos, concerts with the orchestra and the New York Tango Trio (Richard Galliano, accordion; Adrien Moignard, guitar; Diego Imbert, double bass).


Camera a sud 30th Anniversary
Concert for Sergio Piazzoli

Vinicio became known with “All’una e trentacinque circa”, his debut album under the guidance of Renzo Fantini. More than thirty years ago, he created his out-of-the-box style filled with euphoric influences. An unpredictable and extravagant artist, a cultured man referencing Modigliani and Oscar Wilde, and popular in “Il Ballo di San Vito”. Vinicio Capossela is a multiform talent who is perfectly at ease in music, writing, poetry, cinema, radio, theater, and festival artistic direction. For this reason, he is considered by many to be the most important songwriter of his generation. He had his thunderous debut in 1990. Many saw him as an Italian Tom Waits, perhaps more lunatic but with the same taste for grotesque and night-wandering ballads that smell like visionary existentialism. His album “All’una e trentacinque circa” earned him his first Targa Tenco, an award he would be given five other times in the following years.

For such an unconventional artist like him, the first international success came soon: his 1995 concert sold out at the Théâtre de la Ville in Paris. Vinicio’s popular roots (he was born in Hannover to parents from Irpinia) entered his artistic path, along with literature references, even Dante’s. Music became more complex (including Marc Ribot’s acid guitar and Macedonian brass bands) without losing the naturalness of the melodic invention. This artistic path created countless tours, theater projects and eighteen studio and live albums. The most recent one is “Tredici canzoni urgenti”.

Capossela also performed at the Festival di Sanremo, the Festival dei Due Mondi in Spoleto and Umbria Jazz (one night at the Giardini del Frontone, where Ribot played in his band). This concert is a tribute to Sergio Piazzoli, an important music promoter from Perugia who was his friend and admirer from the beginning of his career. It is organized in collaboration with the Comitato “Per Sergio Piazzoli” on the 10th anniversary of his death.

For the 30th anniversary of his album “Camera a sud”, Altri tasti (Capossela’s summer tour) leaves the stage to Vecchi tasti, a unique concert in which the 1994 album’s thirteen songs are performed. The 30th anniversary is not meant to be a celebration but a reinterpretation with the awareness that comes from a different phase of life: “Playing these songs is a way to keep living in them, more animated by gratitude than nostalgia”. It’s a real journey on the thread of time.

Tickets available – April 23, 12pm (ITA Time)