UJUncut: an “unofficial” journey through Umbria Jazz | Umbria Jazz
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UJUncut: an “unofficial” journey through Umbria Jazz



An “unofficial” journey through Umbria Jazz, on its way to celebrate 50 years of life in 2023.

During this period that is preventing us from offering our audience live events, we’ll try to retrace some moments of this adventure through rare, amateur, “unofficial” images and videos on UJ’s social channels, recounting Umbria Jazz in its less institutional aspects. A way to discover something interesting that doesn’t filter through, for example, the images of RAI and professional film archives of the many media that followed the event over the years.

Basically, the festival seen through the eyes of the audience, the professionals, the amateurs who over the years have crowded the squares, the streets, the places of this extraordinary event, which also had many important social and cultural effects.

In this perspective, we invite our audience to share personal videos about UJ, in order to put together a gallery of off-show festival stories, rediscovering the real soul of UJ, which has made it live for half a century.

Let’s begin with the images from the archives of the passionate collector from Perugia Michele Patucca whom we thank for his time.