Goodbye to Gary Edwards | Umbria Jazz
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Goodbye to Gary Edwards


Getting to know musicians closely, traveling with them for the concerts overseas, I started to value their profound commitment to music. It was not only business, it was mostly a sort of spiritual vocation. This is what really struck me”. This is how Gary Edwards used to describe his work, he departed from us today.

Not many among the non-insiders had the chance to meet him, but all jazz lovers have appreciated the innumerable musicians he scouted coming from New Orleans who entertained and made the audience of Perugia and Orvieto dance.

This was his work: to let people discover the new talented performers he went on tour with around the world so that music lovers of the great international festivals could get to know them.

And he knew how to carry out his work very well: Kim Prevost & Bill Solley, the Coolbone Brass Band, Dwayne Dopsie, Zion Marmonizers, Anthony Paule, Thornetta Davis, Bobby Broom, Mitch Woods, these are only some of the many musicians Gary brought to the latest UJ editions.

Thank you, Gary, for what you did for us, we wish you a peaceful journey.