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Umbria Jazz

Umbria Jazz 1990

Perugia, 10 - 15 July 1990

The concomitance with the football World Cup meant that the Festival was shortened to just six days from the ten days it usually lasted. The programme began to reflect the tragic destiny of jazz music: the passing away of its heroes (this year saw the demise of Sarah Vaughan and Dexter Gordon, for example), and this led the way to the formation of groups paying tribute to such legends.

Gil Evans’ orchestra returned with its prodigious soloists, but the old band leader was no longer present. However, the George Russell Living Time Orchestra was there to liven up the evenings at St. Francis’ church, with the formidable orchestration of Miles Davis’ solo from “So What”. The Festival’s new acts included the incredible voices of Take 6, Joe Zawinhul’s Syndacate, and Wayne Shorter’s band featuring Larry Coryell. Stan Getz was already ill at this point, but nevertheless he returned with his explosive quartet