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Umbria Jazz Winter

Umbria Jazz Winter 2019-2020

Orvieto, 28 December 2019 - 1 January 2020

Five days of music from midday to the wee small hours, ninety different events, seven venues in the centre of historic Orvieto, thirty groups, more than one hundred and fifty musicians, representatives of Italian jazz at the highest level.

The numbers can tell you a lot about Umbria Jazz Winter, which takes place from 28 January to 1 January, but they don’t tell you the whole story.

The festival in Orvieto has two defining characteristics, both to be found again this year as in all the previous twenty-six editions of the event.

The first. Different types of music and all of it at a high level. The festival’s programmes have always aimed for quality, which is often combined with original musical formulas and the presence of emerging musicians from the Italian and international music scenes.

The second. Music spread out at different times and in different places, performed in some of the most beautiful locations in the historic town centre in a perfect blend of art, culture and fine living. Orvieto is the result of a complex, fascinating stratification of three thousand years of history, and few cities lend themselves so well to this combination, which is the formula that makes Umbria Jazz such a unique event.

With John Scofield, Gil Goldstein, Paolo Fresu, Joe Locke, Sullivan Fortner, Danilo Rea and many more.