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Umbria Jazz, a late-summer weekend in Terni


The Covid-19 pandemic prevented the regular course of the last two editions of Umbria Jazz Spring, but everything has been done to confirm the event in Terni this year, in accordance with the Institutions and Fondazione Umbria Jazz and with the support of Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Terni e Narni, although with different (and new) dates and another title.
So here is Umbria Jazz Weekend: it will take place in Terni from September 16 to 19 to reconnect an event which is a stable element of the Umbria Jazz “system”, which has found a solid local structure in the route Terni-Perugia-Orvieto.

Four days of music: 9 venues, 54 events, 18 bands and about 90 musicians.
The highlight of the Festival takes place at the Roman Amphitheater: four evening performances (9 pm) will be preceded by as many events at the Baravai Stage (7 pm).
A dense programme in the six clubs which will host afternoon and evening concerts every day. At last, an exceptional venue: the Marmore Falls where Funk Off will perform on Sunday 19 September at 11.30 am.
A theme which is part of Umbria Jazz’s DNA can be found in the choice of the venues (the Amphitheater and the Falls): music in the historical and natural settings, combining the sound of the modernity and cities of the New World with charming landscapes and the artistic heritage of a region stepped in history. This ostensible “contradiction” has always aroused strong emotions.
The programme in six different clubs – all are points of reference for sociability – maintains a continuity with the urban cultural life.

In the amphitheater the piano has a special role: from the duo Rita Marcotulli/Dado Moroni to Danilo Rea (with special guest Fiorella Mannoia) to Monty Alexander: Jamaican by birth and New Yorker by adoption, he has been able to combine the rhythms of his land with the legacy of musicians such as Oscar Peterson. Pianist, singer and songwriter Sergio Cammariere is the leader of an excellent jazz quintet.
Two famous international bands change the genre and style, Cuban group El Comité with its enthralling Caribbean rhythms, and Ida Nielsen’s funk band. The Danish bass player was a member of Prince’s latest projects.
At last, the creativity of Mauro Ottolini, one of the most original Italian jazz musicians. With “Bix Factor”, he wants to pay tribute to the legendary Bix Beiderbecke, the short-lived jazz star of the 1920s.
A genius who lived too short.

On the Baravai stage, Alessandro Bravo and Angelo Lazzeri’s tribute to the piano-guitar formula profiled by Bill Evans; Angela Mosley’s blues and soul are rooted in the traditions of her city, Chicago; the piano solo by Alessandro Bravo.

Many bands IN THE CLUBS: Accordi Disaccordi, a gypsy music trio between jazz and swing, a genre which recalls the figure of Django Reinhardt; the elegant duo by Francesca Tandoi, piano and vocals, and Stefano Senni, doublebass; Micheal Supnick’s sextet retraces the splendours of the swing era with two dancers; the “Modalità Trio e Duet” project focuses on a charismatic Italian jazz musician, Massimo Moriconi, with Nico Gori and Ellade Bandini (Modalità Trio) and singer Emilia Zamuner (Duet); the quartet of Daniele Scannapieco, a saxophonist at the top of the Italian scene, with a long career behind him: he began with Fabrizio Bosso in the High Five, and with Mario Biondi; the sextet led by trombonist and arranger Roberto Rossi and saxophonist Piero Odorici, with French trumpet player Stéphane Belmondo as special guest.

Funk Off, a sort of photo postcard of Umbria Jazz, which performed at all, or nearly all, the editions, will welcome the public at the Marmore Falls in a fun-loving atmosphere with respect for the marching band tradition: a piece of jazz history the band from Tuscany performs in a modern key.

Umbria Jazz will end 2021 with Umbria Jazz Winter #29 in Orvieto from December 29 to January 2, 2022.

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