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Umbria Jazz in China 2016


2016 Umbria Jazz in China – From Orvieto to Perugia via Shangai 

Umbria Jazz is preparing for a journey to the People’s Republic of China. Between the 2016 winter and summer editions of the festival in Orvieto and Perugia, for the first time there will also be a spring event in China dedicated to Italian jazz and to Umbria and its culture, economy, and tourism.

This is one of the results of the visit to China made by a delegation from the Umbria Region last November.
An Umbria Jazz event (Umbria Jazz Day) will be part of the spring festival that takes place in Shanghai in late April and early May, and events are also being scheduled for other cities. Preparations for this debut in China are currently underway, and the aim is to create an event that is worthy of the UJ logo and that reflects the high level of Italian jazz.

This mission to China is the latest but also one of the most important international projects by Umbria Jazz, and it follows previous visits to the United States, Australia, Serbia, South Africa, Japan, Brazil, and Argentina.