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Umbria Jazz in Terni: a weekend full of music


During the last weekend of summer, the heart of Umbria Jazz beats to the rhythm of good music in Terni. Jazz and beyond. Four days (September 15 to 18), including 46 events starting in the late morning and ending after midnight. Nineteen bands will be playing (they are almost all residents), with a total of about a hundred musicians. There will be eleven venues, plus the Marmore Falls, the scene of the marching band parades.

This edition’s formula is the result of the progressive modifications made to the previous ones. It is also the most structured one and the closest to the idea of a city living on music for four days. After the appropriate checks and the related modifications, this is the formula that best describes the distinctive traits of Umbria Jazz.

The city center will have three stages: Piazza Tacito, Piazza della Repubblica, Via Cavour. This thread almost connects with the Festival of the origins on the eve of its 50th anniversary, which will be celebrated next year. Jazz music in the squares that never happened before at an Italian festival. Many people remember that maybe the most beautiful concert of Umbria Jazz took place in a square in Terni: Miles Davis in 1984.

Six clubs will be open in the afternoon and evening to enhance an experience of social and cultural aggregation that lasts all year round in these places and is a distinctive trait of the city.

The Roman Amphitheater is the main stage of the event, a symbol of Terni’s history and an excellent place for entertainment but also a combination of past and present.

Baravai keeps being what it is all summer: an oasis in the heart of the urban fabric, in the area of the Amphitheater, with a “young, creative and inclusive soul”. Its quality cultural proposal agrees with the desire to stay together outside.

Radio Monte Carlo is the official radio of the Festival.


The Roman Amphitheater is the perfect venue for prime-time entertainment

J. P. BIMENI & THE BLACK BETLS. Born in Burundi, a Londoner by adoption, he is one of the most stunning and expressive soul voices of the latest years. His successful career came after a long and painful personal experience but culminated in an extraordinary artistic life.

MARIO BIONDI: “Romantic Tour” brings the most famous songs of the Sicilian soul man and those from his new album “Romantic”, dedicated to romance in all its facets.

From TV to the stage: “Una serata tra amici” (An evening with friends) revolves around CHRISTIAN DE SICA’s multiple talents, an experienced narrator, singer, popular entertainer, and serious comic actor. An orchestra supports him to play unforgettable Italian and American songs.

FABRIZIO BOSSO pays tribute to a music icon and one of his idols, Stevie Wonder, featuring the traditional quartet and a special guest, Nico Gori, an extraordinarily versatile and talented clarinetist and saxophonist.

Music is addressed to a wide and transversal audience: the Umbria Jazz program’s fundamental quality meets the show’s fun, lightness, and sense. Born as a marching band, FUNK OFF can play enthralling and engaging music on stage. With this formula, they opened the last edition of Umbria Jazz.

THE GOOD FELLAS are a band of good musicians who know how to play swing and rock & roll, perfectly stepping into the role. Thanks to them, our mind goes back to the happy days of the 50s, with icons such as Louis Prima, Louis Jordan, and Elvis.

 ACCORDI DISACCORDI’s original compositions combine jazz, swing and blues influences with acoustic atmospheres and a cinema taste. Their sound is rooted in the gypsy jazz style influenced by legendary guitarist Django Reinhardt.

 Jazz music is played in the six clubs in the city center. This music finds its connection with the jazz club tradition.

MAURO OTTOLINI, one of the most original and creative Italian jazzmen, presents two projects: LICAONES, the historic quartet including Francesco Bearzatti, and “NADA MAS FUERTE, born from the suggestion of popular music, in which the existential contact with the value of life and experience becomes intense and almost physical.

OLIVIA TRUMMER TRIO: she is a German pianist, singer and songwriter with a classical education and a great love for jazz music. She will be performing in Terni with Rosario Bonaccorso and Nicola Angelucci.

JIM ROTONDI & PIERO ODORICI QUINTET feat. JOE FARNSWORTH w/ PAOLO BIRRO & ALDO ZUNINO. It is one of the most classical jazz lineups: a quintet with trumpet and saxophone and a rhythmic section. This quintet is led by Montana trumpeter Jim Rotondi and Bolognese saxophonist Pero Odorici. They have been playing together for a long time. Rotondi has been among the most demanded trumpeters of the New York jazz scene for 25 years. Odorici has long collaborated with Cedar Walton, among others.

LORENZO HENGELLER, a songwriter and pianist from Naples, won the 2007 Carosone Prize. Hengeller takes inspiration from Renato Carosone, Lelio Luttazzi, Gorni Kramer, Fred Buscaglione, and Vittorio De Sica, both in his songs and the reinterpretation of the great classics of the Italian songbook of the 30s-60s.

ROSARIO GIULIANI QUARTET In Giuliani’s sound and phrasing, there are explicit references to great jazzmen and the strong originality that identifies the creative musicians. This is one of the reasons he is one of the most famous Italian jazzmen abroad, especially in France, where he has long recorded.

GIANNI CAZZOLA QUARTET con SANDRO GIBELLINI, guitar. Gianni Cazzola can be considered “the father of the Italian jazz drum”. We are talking about the main protagonist of the Italian swing scene with more than 60 years of career behind.

The program of Baravai gives space to unconventional proposals devoted to research and innovation. This is the case of ANDREA BELFI, percussionist, composer and musical experimenter. Over the years, Belfi has built a sound world where acoustic instruments meet the never-ending possibilities of electronic music with great coherence. XYLOURIS WHITE proves that sometimes musical paths are unpredictable and bridges between very distant artists can be created. This is the case of this duo named after the musicians. Georgios Xylouris is a Cretan singer and lute player and, like his father Antonis, takes inspiration from the ancient popular traditions of his island. Jim White is an Australian drummer who has played with rock bands since he was a teenager in Melbourne. He was also a member of Dirty Three. 

ANTONIO RAIA and RENATO FIORITO, two musicians from Naples, have created an intense collaboration in the name of the bravest and most original creativity. Raia is a composer, improviser and saxophonist. Fiorito is a composer, sound artist, live performer and sound engineer. 

ANGELA M. MOSLEY & THE BLU ELEMENTS brings the heat of black music. Angela can control this genre with her powerful and expressive soul voice, which feels comfortable in the repertoire of the various traditional and modern strands.

Lastly, PONZIO PILATES, one of the most eccentric bands of the latest years. It is almost impossible to define this music since it does not refer to any codified genre. An unconventional musical experience in the name of a happy crowd that entertains and engages.