Angela Mosley & The Blu Elements

Angela Mosley, voce
Riccardo Diomedi, chitarra
Daniele Ponteggia: contrabbasso
Alessandro Deflorio, pianoforte
Lorenzo Fontana, sax
Carlo Battisti, batteria

Fri, 17 September - hours 19:00
Anfiteatro Romano

Angela Mosley & The Blu Elements

Angela Mosley was born and raised on the southside of Chicago, one of the capitals of Black music, from blues to gospel and jazz. Her father was and still is one of the most important gospel singers in the city, and thanks to her father, Angela began her journey as a musician when she was only 5. The musical climate of the Windy City fuelled her growth, helped also by a powerful and expressive soul voice which feels comfortable in the repertoire of the various strands of traditional and modern black music.

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