Javier Girotto "Legacy" 5et | Umbria Jazz

Javier Girotto “Legacy” 5et

w/ Giacomo Tantillo, Michele Fortunato, Jacopo Ferrazza e Enrico Morello

Thu. 29 December - hours 21:00
Palazzo del Popolo – Sala 400

Javier Girotto “Legacy” 5et

The “Legacyproject by soprano and baritone saxophone player Javier Girotto involves an unconventional lineup: three horns and a rhythm section without the piano. This new project comes from afar. Putting in order his old scores, Javier Girotto found some music written more than ten years ago and still unpublished: this music is muscular, energic to paroxysm, passioned and third wordlist. Surprised by its freshness and modernity, he decided to share it with a new generation of musicians, among the most talented one of their instruments, handing it to them as his artistic heritage. This is how “Legacy” was created, a new production by Fondazione Musica per Roma. Along with Girotto, Giacomo Tantillo on trumpet, Michele Fortunato on trombone, Jacopo Ferrazza on double bass and electric bass, and Enrico Morello on drums. The modern Girotto is the result of many different experiences, from his first love, tango - inevitable for a Cordoba-born musician – to his passion for jazz with his studies at Berklee College of Boston and his first concerts in the USA. There’s also the Girotto who performed with great classical concert pianist Michele Campanella (“Musique sans Frontières” includes the repertoire of great classical authors such as Debussy, Ravel, Guastavino) and with important Symphony orchestras. In addition, he has had countless collaborations, ranging from Enrico Rava to Roberto Gatto, from the Orchestre National de Jazz of Paris to Cologne’s WDR Big Band, from Fabrizio Bosso to Rita Marcotulli. And, of course, Aires Tango is the central part of Girotto’s artistic path with ten albums.

Photo © Fondazione Musica Per Roma / Foto di Musacchio, Ianniello, Pasqualini, Fucilla