The aim of the following FAQs is to provide the necessary information to all those who have purchased tickets for UJ2020 concerts, cancelled due to the international health emergency that we are all experiencing.

On January 30, 2020, following the warning by China (December 31, 2019) of a cluster of pneumonia cases of unknown etiology (later identified as a new Sars-CoV-2 coronavirus) in the city of Wuhan, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the COVID-19 epidemic a public health emergency of international importance.

The following day, the Italian Government, with a resolution on January 31, 2020 of the Council of Ministers, given the WHO international public health emergency declaration for coronavirus,  and taking into account the particularly widespread nature of the epidemic, declared a state of national health emergency until July 31, 2020 and implemented the first urgent measures regarding the containment and management of the COVID-19 epidemiological emergency throughout the entire country.

Considering also:

  • the obvious cause of force majeure, consisting in the international public health emergency declaration for COVID-19;
  • the consequences of this international emergency situation (blocked flights, closed borders, etc.);
  • the significant constraints and limits imposed by the Prime Ministerial Decree of 17.05.2020 until 31 July 2020 for outdoor performances, of the constraints and limits incompatible with the nature and characteristics of the UJ2020 Festival programme, which had been scheduled from July 10-19, 2020 and so falling within the period of validity of the Prime Ministerial Decree of 17.05.2020;
  • the cancellation and/or postponement of concerts by all the international artists who would have performed at UJ2020;
  • the obligatory and inevitable - for all the aforementioned reasons - cancellation of UJ2020; for no reason can the Fondazione di Partecipazione di Umbria Jazz be considered in default of the purchasers of the relative entrance tickets.

The provisions of the following FAQs apply in addition to the conditions and terms of the official sales circuits (online and offline) authorised for the sale of tickets and in addition to the conditions and terms that regulate access and use of the event location.

What is the period of time within which events may be cancelled or postponed?

Pursuant to art. 88 of Legislative Decree 18/2020, converted into Law 27/2020, as modified by art. 183, paragraph 11 sub a), b) and c) of Legislative Decree 34/2020, the period within which events (festivals, concerts and shows) may be postponed or cancelled is set for September 30, 2020 and coincides with the duration of the state emergency as a consequence of the health risk associated with the onset of diseases deriving from transmissible viral agents.

For the UJ2020 concerts postponed to UJ2021, how should I behave? Do I need to request the issue of a new ticket?

You do not have to do anything.

Tickets already purchased for UJ2020 concerts or concerts postponed to UJ2021 will be automatically considered valid as admission for the new concert on the date indicated for 2021, without the need for any request or new ticket issue.

Which are the concerts postponed to UJ2021 for which the ticket remains valid?

To date, the concerts of UJ2020 postponed to UJ2021 are as follows:

  • JAMIE CULLUM – July 12, 2021;
  • TOM JONES – July 13, 2021.

The above list is being continuously updated, given that other UJ2020 concerts at the Arena Santa Giuliana are being postponed to UJ2021.

Check our site periodically for updates concerning this.


Is it possible to maintain the validity of the access pass even in the event of a change of location and /or modification of the numbered seats?


As far as possible, we shall try to keep the same location and the layout of the seats identical to the original one.

In any case, the access passes already issued in relation to the original location are also valid in relation to any new location and/or in case of modification of the numbered places.

In this case, you will be assigned a seat of economic value at least equal to the original one, with the simultaneous release of seat markers on the day of the event showing the new assigned seat.

Can I resell the ticket if I cannot attend the show on the date of 2021 when it was sent?


Each Ticket Company will provide specific indications that will allow you to resell the ticket in the manner it will indicate to you; on these platforms the ticket price is always the same as the original price.

N.B .: it is strictly forbidden to resell the ticket at a higher price.

Do I have the right to a monetary refund of the ticket purchased for a concert of UJ2020 not postponed to UJ2021?

No monetary refund is foreseen.

Art. 88 of  Legislative Decree 18/2020 converted into Law 27/2020, as amended by art. 183, paragraph 11 sub a), b) and c) of Legislative Decree 34/2020, provides for the issue of a voucher as a refund for all UJ2020 concerts cancelled and not postponed to UJ2021 due to the Covid-19 emergency.

The ticket you have already purchased, therefore, will be converted back into a credit (issue of voucher) to be used by the deadline of UJ2021 (July 18, 2021), according to the operating and management methods which will be identified and implemented by the sales systems

(see FAQ nos 7-12).

What will be the amount/value of the voucher accredited to me for non-postponed concerts?

The value of the voucher will be equal to that indicated by the access pass to which it refers, including the presale rights: you will therefore be awarded a credit equal to the total amount indicated on the ticket for the cancelled concert.

N.B.: the voucher will not include the amount paid to ticketing companies for brokering services in the purchase of the passes and  delivery of tickets, or commissions that are applied separately with respect to the access pass, for a service rendered and certified fiscally.

N.B.: the voucher will not grant you the right of access to the concert venues, since possession of a regular access pass (ticket) is necessary.

You will therefore need to convert the voucher (at no additional cost) to a regular admission ticket, after you have chosen the new concert on which to claim the voucher.

What do I need to do to request issue of the voucher?


Despite the fact that art. 88 of Legislative Decree 18/2020 and subsequent modifications generally provide for spectators to expressly request a voucher, Umbria Jazz has decided to render your procedure as simplified as possible, automatically issuing the voucher without the need for any request from you.

Therefore, for UJ2020 concerts that have been cancelled and not postponed to 2021 (see FAQ nos 2-5), our ticketing companies (TicketOne or Boxol) will automatically, without the need for any   request from you, issue and send you – with timing and method indicated by the same ticketing company on their website – the voucher for the same amount as the admission ticket, usable for UJ2021, until the end of the event (July 18, 2021 included).

All specifications will shortly be made available by the ticketing companies, so we recommend that you visit their websites directly.

N.B .: Umbria Jazz cannot directly issue any voucher.

When will the voucher be issued?

The voucher will be issued compatibly with the technical times of the ticketing company and in any case not before the UJ2020 concert programme postponed to UJ2021 has been completed and defined (for which we remind you that a voucher will not be issued, but these tickets will remain valid for the concert of 2021).

In any case, the vouchers will be issued well in advance of UJ2021 in order to allow you to choose the concert on which to claim them.

Must the voucher be used only once?

Not necessarily: you may use it as many times as you wish until your credit limit is reached and possibly integrate it with cash payment to complete further purchases for UJ2021.

The vouchers may be accumulated: you may also use multiple vouchers for a single transaction.

May I use the voucher obtained for different UJ2020 concerts, to purchase more tickets for the same concert as UJ2021?


There is no constraint on how you decide to spend the voucher: for the same or more UJ2021 events at the Arena Santa Giuliana.

If the value on the voucher is greater than the entrance pass I choose, can I have a refund of the difference?


As already said (see FAQ no. 6) there is no monetary refund, even partial.

You will have credit to spend for another UJ2021 event, possibly paying the difference, if the remaining credit on the voucher does not cover the entire value of the other ticket chosen.


The validity of the voucher will expire when it has absorbed the value indicated therein.
Therefore, it will be valid to purchase multiple admission tickets for the same UJ2021 concert and/or for different UJ2021 concerts and also at different times; or it can be used as partial payment for an event of a higher admission price (paying the difference) and you can also use multiple vouchers simultaneously to purchase one or more admission tickets, both for the same, or for several, UJ2021 concerts.

Procedure for persons with disabilities and their companions:

In consideration of what has been written  above, the request for the issue of an entrance pass for the companion of the disabled person must be sent via email directly to Umbria Jazz (, who will issue the free entrance pass for the companion on the day of the concert.

If I have other questions, who can I contact?

For any doubts, questions or requirements you may send an email to our dedicated Service: ( and we shall reply as soon as possible.